Segment 1 - Tree Replacement

Winter 2018 Update: The final set of plantings for Segment one is now completed. With the onset of winter, the plantings will remain dormant until temperatures warm up in the spring. At that time, they will be monitored and maintained to enjoy.

Fall 2018 Update: Landscaping activity resumed this October. Teams are working on the remaining plantings, watering and filling irrigation bags for the health and sustainability of the trees, and reseeding of wildflower beds as needed.

Summer 2018 Update: Installation of the Spring landscape plantings has been completed, although more activity through Summer 2018 will continue. During this time, the new vegetation will be maintained with appropriate and periodic watering, weed control, fertilization and other essential activities to sustain and maintain the health of the plants for long term viability. Planting in the summer is restricted due to lower survival rates associated with higher temperatures, which would otherwise occur during the initial period of establishment.