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The Modernize 75 widening and reconstruction project has been in the planning and development stages for nearly 20 years. Tree replacements will be completed Fall 2018 as part of the first construction segment. The second segment (North of 13 to North of Coolidge) is expected to be under full construction in Spring 2019.



Newly planted trees may experience transplant stress which manifests as leaf drop and/or browning of leaves. Some trees planted this spring are experiencing this stress. It has been compounded by the lack of rainfall during the peak of summer heat that we are experiencing. There is a crew that provides watering to augment natural rainfall on a normal watering schedule. Starting this week, we will also add irrigation (gator) bags to stressed trees that will slowly release water between scheduled waterings during the remaining part of the growing season.

Although some trees may appear nearly dead from a distance, upon close inspection by ISA certified arborists, the trees have healthy new buds and new green leaves emerging. The additional water released from the irrigation bags should provide some much needed relief to support these trees during this unexpected, dry season.


MDOT awards contract for next segment of the I-75 modernization project in Oakland County

See Press Release for details.

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Mi Drive Interactive Map Modernize 75 Project Brochure PDF [449kb]

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Completed Segment 1 Information

North of Coolidge to North of South Boulevard (COMPLETED 2017/2018)

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